Large west of Ireland Garden

Our Challenge

Large site with drainage difficulties on the shore of Lough Corrib. Original house dating back to the seventies had poor connection to either the garden or lake. Client wanted points of interest throughout the garden, and improved visual linkage with the lake. They required a high level of finish to the garden, driveway and paved areas. The garden is on two levels and access from the house to the lower level is very poor.

The Result

After considerable analysis and discussion, we encouraged the client to embark on a larger project that involved considerable work to the house as well as the garden. This was the only way we considered the potential of the possibly one of the best sites on the edge of Lough Corrib could be realised and enjoyed. A collaborative approach with a local architect resulted in the house and garden being ‘opened up’ to the lake. We removed a large stand of Leylandii trees, designed and installed a significant drainage scheme, and reused the peaty (bog) soil as an excellent medium to grow plants. Use of natural paving Irish limestone and silver granite walls and cobble impart an elegant finish to the hard surfaces around the house and marry the levels well. A resin-bond driveway replaced the tarmac drive and gives a much softer and welcoming feel. Composite decks provide highly durable and low maintenance viewing and sitting areas beside the river and throughout the garden, linked by granite cobble pathways. A large variety of shrub, herbaceous, heather, alpine and bulb planting giving year round colour and interest.

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