Covid-19 Radharc Landscaping Response Plan

Radharc Landscaping are committed to adhering to the strict Government guidelines in relation to Covid 19. Our priority is the safety of our Employees, our Clients and the Greater Community. Safe working protocols are in place to ensure everyone’s safety. These protocols are in line with HSE guidelines and are being updated and amended as per the National Public Health Emergency Response Team (NPHET).

Management / Admin. / Design Team

Work from home or from office on alternate days where possible.

Where office attendance is unavoidable, staff must adhere to poster protocols.


Use email and What’s App. Check regularly. Staff and management are not to attend meetings unless unavoidable. Social distancing protocols to be followed for any meetings.

Nursery / Yard

Staff should only attend the yard when absolutely necessary. If attending, you are forbidden from entering shared spaces. Any contacted surfaces should be disinfected before departure.

Induction / Sites

Specific Covid 19 Induction to take place prior to returning to work. /Follow instructions provided by site project manager/foreman. Instructions will include toolbox talks, operating procedures (PPE, areas, breaks, facility use, transport, deliveries, machine use and protocols should someone test positive procedures)

Suspected cases

Follow guidelines. If you suspect you have contracted Covid-19 you are to leave work immediately, contact your GP or HSE and notify management. You are to then follow the directions issued to you by your GP/HSE. You are to remain in communication with management, notifying them of any change to your circumstances.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 identified, the related site will be stood down and staff will have to self-isolate. The site will then be reviewed and where possible, a new crew will be allocated.


All crew members to travel to and from sites separately. All vehicle contact surfaces are to be disinfected on a regular basis.


Keep your distance.

Supplier deliveries are to go directly to sites. Advance contact is to be made with sites prior to departure to ensure adherence with site protocols. Social distancing protocols are to be adhered to during any delivery actions. Delivery acknowledgement will be achieved through email notification and receipt.


Work independently. Maintain 2m social distancing.

Crews will operate independently from each other on separate projects and will adhere to strict social distancing protocols.

Machinery, tools and vehicles

Keep separate and keep clean.

Machines and tools are to be crew or individual specific. All frequently touched surfaces on machines and company vehicles are to be regularly disinfected. Disinfection should also take place at the beginning and end of each day. It is the direct responsibility of drivers/operators to ensure vehicles/machines are fully disinfected. However, all staff are to actively engage and support the disinfection process.


PPE should be worn at all times. Staff are to take additional precautions with work gloves ensuring they are regularly disinfected. Surgical gloves should be used during times where they are in public, shared spaces and likely to come in contact with surfaces. Gloves should then be disposed of in a safe manner.


Staff are asked to check email / WhatsApp regularly for updates.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to company operations, please contact Brian (087-2582771) , Charlie (087-8309490) , Catherine (087-8228391) or Bosco (087-9885975).

HSE LIVE number 1850 24 1850

Please note these protocols are under constant review.

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